Everyone knows that keeping clean drains can preserve the plumbing in your home and business.  However, if you are in the restaurant business, maintaining clean drains is not just for plumbing preservation.  Clear drains prevent health code fines, clogs that result in downtime and safety hazards as well as horrible odors that can hinder your restaurant’s reputation.  Lastly keeping your drains clear helps you to avoid emergency plumbing services that can hurt your bank account.  Hence, successful restaurants understand why it is vital to secure reliable commercial drain cleaning services.

Heavy Drainage Use Requires Heavy Duty Cleaning

Sinks and drains in restaurant environments are heavily used.  During a month, restaurant plumbing is exposed to more food debris than most residential plumbing systems experience in a year!  Additionally, substances including grease, food fats, and sludge tend to congeal and adhere inside drainage pipes. Even in instances where a grease trap is used, clogging will occur if continually cleaning is not performed.  Therefore, it is important to have your drainage system maintained regularly to prevent blockages.

At Drain Masters Plumbing, we use powerful tools and advanced technologies to effectively clear drains.  Our plumbing specialists have video camera inspection equipment which enables us to identify the source of a blockage and verify when it is completely removed.  We also make use of hydro jetting to remove the toughest drain clogs.  Hydro jets are so powerful that they can cut through tree roots that have invaded pipes!  Consequently, whatever is blocking your drains will get cleared.

For years, we’ve aided San Diego County restaurants with commercial grade plumbing.  If you have a need for regularly schedule drain maintenance or need to have your drain cleaned immediately, give us a call at (619) 346-4212.

If you are considering replacing an older water, but are on a limited budget you may want to consider another option. In some cases, your existing water heater repaired may furnish you with years of additional service with a few repairs. Here are the most common cheap repairs that can save you money.

Lack of Hot Water

A lack of hot water could simply mean the pilot light is out. If it is on there are a few culprits that could be the cause of the issue. A faulty gas coupler, water heater control valve, upper heating element (electric water heaters), or thermostat can lead to no hot water. Replacing any of these is much cheaper than a new unit.

Rusty Water

If you are noticing rusty water, it may be that your water heater’s sacrificial anode rod has dissolved. This rod prevents rust from accumulating inside the tank of the water heater. If you do not know how to do so yourself, have a professional replace the anode rod.

Noisy Water Heater

Noises sometimes occur when sediment builds up at the bottom of the water heater’s tank. A full flush of the water heater can resolve this problem. Be sure to clean the electrical elements well during a system flush.
Is your water heater leaking, making loud noises, having inconsistent temperature fluctuations? Sometimes a repair can do wonders to your water heater. Drain Masters Plumbing offers every client options when it comes to water hear repair. If your water heater can be repaired for a lower cost than getting a new water heater, we’ll let you know. We provide quick water heater repair among our other services including drain cleaning, slab leak repair, leak detection, and water heater installation.

These days there are a lot of DIY videos, articles, and blog post that boast that nearly every home (and sometimes commercial) project can be handled with a little elbow grease and ingenuity. While we certainly do not discourage DIYers, there are plenty of reason why you should hire a professional for your plumbing needs. If you have already started a DIY plumbing project and have run into an issue give us a call now. Our number is (619) 346-4212. We’d be glad to offer advice or give you a helping hand out a jam.

Jack of All Trades Dilemma

Even if you think that you are jack of all the trades, there are many reasons to take help from the experts for your house plumbing. At times, the issues appear very easy to handle, but they actually become more than a handful to handle. In these situations, it is wise (and most likely less expensive) to call the aid of pro. Yet, when you make the decision to call a professional they should have a few qualifications. Here are a few that matter.

Experience and Expertise

Professionals have come across different situations and shouldn’t take too long to fix a problem. In most occasions, they should be able to provide you with a time estimate for the fix. Their blend of experience and expertise will definitely come in handy if you’ve hit a brick wall.

Full Services

Nearly all professional plumbers offer many services. But the best offer fast and reliable emergency services and plumbing maintenance. Why? If you are in a jam, a good plumber will come at any hour to minimize water damages to your property. Also they will provide preventative plumbing maintenance so you’ll never run into problems that make you wonder if you can do it yourself.


Great plumbers do their work in a way that you’ll be able to carry on your daily activities without too much disruption. They’ll fix the plumbing without creating a mess that you’ll need to clean when their done.
Looking for a plumber with the above qualities? Look no further! Call Drain Masters Plumbing for the help you need or fill out our online service form.

water heater repairs san diegoAre you in San Diego and having issues with your hot water heater? Is it not producing enough hot water, leaking, or making noises that it shouldn’t? Calling a handyman may seem like the cheaper option, but can you be sure that he’s fixing the problem properly? Is he even certified to do the work?

The better option is to call a licensed professional who can guarantee their work. Doing so can give you peace of mind and save you money in the process.

Drain Masters Plumbing can help you solve your hot water heating problems today! We believe in providing courteous, professional service that is affordable and fast.
To get started with your water heater repair now, call us at 619-346-4212.
We offer 24 hour emergency plumbing service throughout the city of San Diego and San Diego County!

Cost of Water Heater Repair

Honestly, water heater repairs depend on the size, the type of the water heater, and the problem. Like other plumbing systems, hot water heaters can entail quick repairs or extensive ones.
In either case, we help our customers to lower their expenses by effective troubleshooting.
Since our technicians have decades of experience, we have often been able to identify the cause of a hot water heater’s problem as well as the solution.
We also understand the little nuances that are inherent in individual brands, which ultimately speeds our repair time.

Common Problems With Hot Water Heaters

If you can identify the problem with your hot water heater, it could save time on the repair. Once we arrive we can help you identify the cause.
However, many water heaters suffer from common problems.

Usually a problematic water heater will produce no hot water, water that is too hot, water that has a foul odor or is badly discolored, or the unit itself is making noise.
Drain master Plumbing is able to solve all of these issues and many more.

Call us now to get your water heater back to optimal running condition.

plumbingGenerally speaking, plumbing is built to last. This is especially true of new plumbing pipes and fixtures that utilize technological and manufacturing improvements. Nevertheless, the law of nature (specifically the thermodynamic quantity of entropy—yes we can take plumbing to that level) will ultimately beat anything that mankind manufactures. In time, plumbing will wear out. However, high water pressure makes plumbing wear out a lot faster than normal.
A lot faster!


Most plumbing pipes for residential use are rated for a certain level of water pressure—typically 80 psi. Yet, it is not uncommon for some residential plumbing systems to have pressures that rise as high as 130 psi. Such extreme pressures have an adverse effect on plumbing in three major ways. First, high pressure weakens the walls of pipes—particularly at bends and curves. Second, sections that have joints and threads are subject to wear and corrosion at much faster rates. Lastly, fixtures like faucets and showerheads eventually malfunction when under constant high pressure.
High water pressure can take years off of your plumbing systems life span, which will end up costing you. The problem is compounding if you have to deal with a broken pipe that leads to water damage.

Detecting, Identifying and Preventing Problems

A water pressure gauge is the best way to verify the pressure in your plumbing system. One can be bought at any plumbing supply or hardware store. If you are not really sure how to use one, you can have your local plumber perform a check when you have your annual plumbing maintenance scheduled. However, if you find that when you turn on certain plumbing fixtures there is a hard jolt of water or you hear your pipes making a knocking noise, call a plumber. There may be a large issue to deal with.
If you have issues with a high water pressure after trying a DIY fix, give us a call. Drain Masters Plumbing handles all sorts of residential and commercial plumbing issues including drain cleaning, water heater repair, and water heater installation.

sink overflow problemsIf you are meticulous about keeping your bathroom clean, you’ll definitely want to keep reading. Nevertheless, even if you are not, you still may want to understand a little more about your sink’s overflow deterrent. It may prove helpful if you ever forget a faucet is on due to a distraction.
Nearly every sink has an overflow hole that redirects water that would otherwise find its way to your floor. It is a really helpful design that can save you from a mishap.
Well, only if it is working correctly.
Sometimes a lavatory sink’s overflow can become slow draining or in the worst case scenario plugged. If ever it does, the water overflow is hindered and your floor will become a water park in an emergency. Yet, before that occurs a foul smell may be a telling sign that the overflow is becoming compromised.


As time progresses, soap scum, debris, hair, and other items can find its way in the overflow hole. These collection of items can become a breeding ground for disgusting bacteria. When you wash your face, brush your teeth, or simply wash your hands you could be doing so right next to a cesspool of germs.

Fixing The Problem

Cleaning the bacteria in a sink’s overflow hole is usually not on anyone’s to do list (unless you are the meticulous cleaner we mentioned above). Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to be an engaging ordeal. A cup of vinegar funneled down the overflow can do wonders. Vinegar is non-toxic, can kill 99% of bacteria, 82% of mold, and 80% of viruses. Indeed, a little vinegar can help a lot. Additionally, you can use an old toothbrush to clean the edges of the overflow hole.
If you have issues with a slow draining overflow hole after trying a DIY fix, give us a call. Drain Masters Plumbing handles residential and commercial drain cleaning, water heater repair, and water heater installation.

High water pressure in showerOrdinary plumbing systems can safely function with up to 80 psi (pounds per square inch) of water pressure, but often the incoming water supply is 100 psi or more. It is extremely important to have a PRV (pressure reducing valve) installed so that the pressure going into your home can be controlled.

If the PRV isn’t operating properly, the water pressure circulating inside changes. Water pressure also increases when water is heated in your water heater.
If this extra volume isn’t released, it can cause problems in your plumbing system, such as a leak in the water heater’s pressure release valve. This can be avoided by having a thermal expansion tank installed to hold the added volume of water.
High water pressure can damage your faucets, tub, shower valves and toilets. If the pressure seems higher than normal, check the PRV to make sure it is working properly. Replacing it in time will save you a lot of time and money.
A simple way to find out the exact pressure is to get a water pressure gauge. A normal reading should be 40-80 psi, and this can be checked by placing the gauge on a faucet outside. You can also attach it to your washing machine faucet to check the incoming pressure and ensure that the appliance doesn’t get damaged by high pressures.
Ideally, water pressure shouldn’t be less than 50 psi either. If you don’t have a water pressure gauge, another easy way to check the water pressure is the conventional multi-flow method. Turn on the faucets in your bathroom, kitchen, washing machine, dishwasher etc. This will give you an idea of what the pressure is like.
You can call in a plumber to have a high water pressure issue fixed. They will install a pressure reducer to control the pressure going into your home, or fix the pressure-reducing valve if it’s broken.
Are you dealing with high water pressure problems? Don’t worry; call Drainmasters Plumbing. We also handle residential and commercial drain cleaning, water heater repair, and water heater installation.

toilet repair and replacement San DiegoWouldn’t it be great to have a see-through toilet! Whenever there was a problem, you could see exactly what’s not functioning correctly. However, on second thought, you probably wouldn’t want to see exactly how your toilet functions every day. The better option is to have at least a working knowledge of how it works. Most toilets are a cooperative effort of three systems—the bowl siphon, a flushing mechanism and a refill system.


toilet diagramYour toilet’s bowl siphon connects to the sewage main drain. It effectively regulates the water level in your toilet. When it is not blocked, it will never allow your toilet to overflow. In fact, if you were to pour large volumes of water into it, it will automatically flush. The pressure of the water exiting down the main sewage pipe causes a suction that pulls the remaining water in your toilet bowl out.


Near every flushing mechanism works on the premise of adding water to the bowl so that the siphon is filled. Once the siphon is full, gravity takes care of the rest. The water needed to necessitate flushing rests inside of the tank. Inside of the tank is a chain or wire connected to valve that covers a hole at the bottom of the tank. When the flushing lever is pushed, the valve lifts and allows the tank’s water to escape rapidly.


After the valve settles back on top of the hole at the bottom of the tank, a filler float activates the refilling process. A tube connected to the filler float refills fresh water into the tank until the filler float raises to its resting position. Once it reaches this position, the tube stops refilling. This process happens relatively fast and is ready for another use.
Acquiring an understanding of how a toilet functions can help you to avoid, troubleshoot and even fix minor problems. Sometimes toilets can get complicated, especially if you do not have the right tools available. Don’t worry; call Drainmasters Plumbing. In addition to toilet fixes, we also handle residential and commercial drain cleaning, water heater repair, and water heater installation.

Drain Cleaning Q and A

While we don’t claim to know it all, we have racked up a significant amount of working experience regarding all sorts of plumbing situations. Since sharing is caring, here are few common questions we are asked concerning drain cleaning.

How frequently should I clean my drains?

It’s all about use. Yet, think of “use” in two ways. Frequency of a drain’s use matter but it is just as important to consider how the drain is being used. For instance, a sink used to clean extremely greasy pots and pans 6 days a week will mostly likely need more frequent cleaning than one use for nominal cleaning. Nevertheless, as a rule of thumb most drains will continue to perform well if they are cleaned on a monthly schedule.

How can I clean my drain myself?

A good technique for a do-it-yourself drain cleaning is as follows:

  1. Boil a pot of hot water and pour it down the drain.
  2. Sprinkle a half cup of baking soda down the drain and allow it to rest there for 5 to 10 minutes.
  3. Boil 1 cup of water and vinegar. Pour this into the drain (you should see the baking soda react to this solution. Allow it to bubble for 15-20 minutes.
  4. Lastly, rinse solution down the drain with hot water (or you can boil more water and pour it dour the drain).
  5. If you have a garbage disposal fill the sink about halfway with ice and run your disposal. Turn on the cold water and let the ice pass through the disposal.

We’ve found that this technique is quite effective in ridding nearly any drain of potentially clogging materials.

How can I prevent drain clogs?

Simply put: avoid putting things down the drain that can get stuck in pipe bends or adhere to pipe walls. Items such as oils, grease, solid foods (if there is no garbage disposal), flushable wipes, feminine products, condoms, hair, paper towels, diapers, etc. should not be put down drains.
Drain Masters Plumbing is full service plumber in San Diego County focused on furnishing our clients with the latest options in plumbing. We provide water heater repair, drain cleaning, slab leak repair, leak detection, and water heater installation.

Tips For Selecting The Right Size Commercial Water Heater Installation

Finding the correct size of water heater installation for a commercial property can be a very slippery slope. After all, there are some commercial operations such as a motel where having an adequate hot water supply for every occupant directly dictates the success and return business of the company. Then again, in an industry such as a furniture sales store the fewer people using hot water the better.
Finding the right size commercial hot water is somewhat of a detailed process after taking into account the following information and requirements:
Know Your Business
Finding the correct size water heater involves having a full-knowledge of your business and understanding which of the major categories it falls into. Industries such as: apartments, barbershops, car washes, country clubs, dairy barns, fitness centers, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, industrial plants, laundries, and offices all have different water heating needs.
Define Installation Type
Commercial water heaters can be stored either indoors or outdoors and run on either natural gas, LP gas, or electric. There are also four different venting types as well as the options to use NOx insulation or have an ASME certified product.
Know Water Requirements
When buying a commercial hot water heater there is certain data that needs to be taken into account to find the correct size unit. This information consists of volume of hot water used per minute, temperature of the water as it comes into the unit and temperature needed for heating the water. With this info, you can calculate British Thermal Units (BTU’s) needed and narrow down which size tank is needed in a capacity anywhere from 80 gallons to 1040.
Calculate Variables
There are also a number of other factors to take into account for finding the perfect commercial water heater. Units are vertical, horizontal, or even tankless nowadays There is also the option for usable storage and even the altitude of the installation becomes a factor in which model works best for your business.
As you can see, finding the perfect commercial water heater is no easy task. All the information required is something that must be mulled over by management, maintenance personnel, and financial advisers who might plan for expansion of business. By far the best route to take is to also enlist the help of experienced plumbing technicians like Drainmasters so you won’t be guessing about the heater size, you’ll be confirming it.

tankless water heater facts“All we want are the facts, ma’am.”— Joe Friday
Sergeant Joe Friday understood that getting to facts is what matter most when trying to solve a crime. His ‘no non-sense’, straightforward approach is what viewers appreciated most. Often the facts are obscured—especially when there are many opinions about the subject. Take, for instance, tankless water heaters. What are the facts about them, particularly in San Diego County?

San Diego County & Tankless Water Heaters

Although tankless water heaters are some of the newest and most efficient plumbing technologies available, they do have an Achilles heel—hard water. Instead of a nice narrative of why, here’s the cold hard facts.
Fact: San Diego and surrounding cities throughout the county suffer from hard water. Everyday Heath rates San Diego as one the worst cities in the US to suffer from hard water.
Fact: Hard water carries high volumes of calcium, dolomite, limestone, chalk, and other magnesium based minerals. These items often leave deposits on throughout plumbing pipes and fixtures.
Fact: Tankless water heaters use thin heating coils where water is passed through when hot water is demanded. Hard water deposits within these thins coils can cause significant damage to the unit.
Fact: Unless hard water is softened by means of a water softener before the water source reaches a tankless unit, it will need frequent cleaning. Without regular cleaning, the unit will most likely breakdown requiring the services of a water heater repair specialist.
If you are in the market for a tankless water heater, ask your local plumber to check the pH level of your water. You may want to couple the tankless water heater of your choice with a good water softener.
Drain Masters Plumbing is full service plumber in San Diego County focused on furnishing our clients with the latest options in plumbing. We provide water heater repair, drain cleaning, slab leak repair, leak detection, and water heater installation.

Homeowners putting their homes on the market often consider ways to improve the value of their homes without breaking the bank. Ideas like painting, extensive cleanings, and minor repairs usually come to mind first. However, another solution is replacing plumbing fixtures. It is a simple way to update a kitchen or bathroom without shelling out cash for a complete remodel.

shower replacement san diegoWill it really make a difference?

Definitely. Sometimes a fixture can change the entire feel of a room. At the very least, a new plumbing fixture can help revive a kitchen or bath. Coversely, old and outdated plumbing faucets and knobs can be an eye soar to a potential buyer. Unless the interested party is looking for a cheap fix-up home, they’ll want something with endearing qualities. It may be well worth your time to invest in a new toilets, sinks, faucets, tubs, or showers.

Before you jump headlong into replacing any of your plumbing fixtures, consider the following tips:
1. If you choose to replace a faucet, be sure to replace it with one that has the identical amount of placement holes. Doing so will save you money and time, due to not having to alter the sink area.
2. Keep in mind that although people love beauty, most desire highly functional plumbing fixtures. If you can add a fixture that improves the functionality of the bathroom of kitchen in anyway, it could improve the sell.
3. Fixtures that improve comfort are highly valuable!


replace plumbing fixtures

With only a few upgrades you can change the aura of your home. If you hire a professional plumber to install the fixtures and test the plumbing, you can add that to your sales points. Most buyers will appreciate a professional installation and it may relax the buyer who is a stickler for inspections.

Drain Masters Plumbing is full service plumber in San Diego County focused on furnishing our clients with the latest options in plumbing. We provide water heater repair, drain cleaning, slab leak repair, leak detection, and water heater installation.


Holidays are infamously the busiest times for residential plumbing. The reason is the season. Most people are entertaining several guests and have large amounts of food to accommodate the extra company. Without going into too much detail, this adds a significant amount of pressure on a plumbing system. If it had been showing signs of maintenance needs, imagine what will happen if you add extra users over the holidays. Even if you have a masterful setup, beautiful decorations, and mouth-watering food, everyone will remember the Christmas plumbing debacle of 2014 if you’re not careful. Here’s how to avoid that.

Don’t Flush Food Down the Toilet

You’ll be surprised how often this happens. Kids (and adults) trying not to hurt someone’s feeling about a dish or attempting to get rid of something quick sometimes flush it in the toilet. Whatever the reason, the better bet is to just put it in the garbage to prevent a plumbing clog.

Don’t Overstuff the Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal calls are the #1 reason for residential plumbing calls immediately after Thanksgiving. The biggest problem is overstuffing the unit. Take a little extra time and to grind up food items or simply trash them altogether.

Don’t Pour Grease Down the Drain

A lot of grease can accumulate quickly and cause drains to clog up. Wipe pans, and pot with paper towels before washing them and pour large amounts of grease into receptacles.

If you follow the above device you can successfully avoid some minor issues during Christmas and save time and money. We hope that you have a wonderful holiday.

Drain Masters Plumbing is full service plumber in San Diego County focused on furnishing our clients with the latest options in plumbing. We provide water heater repair, drain cleaning, slab leak repair, leak detection, and water heater installation.

future of plumbing 1If you ever saw those old cartoons that featured the homes of the future, you got a glimpse of what people have always wanted in their homes. A lot of those dreams have come true due to technology. Yet, plumbing has not changed dramatically. Generally speaking, we plumbers, are a conservative group. There is little talk about advancements in the public sector. However, the industry does contain groups of independent thinkers who generate ideas about future technologies that could make your plumbing more efficient, cheaper, and more convenient. Let’s look at few idea that could come to fruition.

Ideas of the Future

The old saying is that necessity is the mother of invention. In many parts of the water conservation is a hot topic; especially in areas that are threatened with drought. California is definitely within that group, which is why water saving plumbing ideas are on the minds of concerned parties. Here are a few ideas that address water conservation.

Fog Shower

The concept of the fog shower first made its debut in 2007 at the Electrolux Design Lab competition. The design uses tiny sprays that produce enough moisture for comfortable showering. The mist is temperature controlled and is a much greener option since a typical shower only uses 2 liters of water (opposed to a normal shower than uses 20 liters of water). The fog shower could be an appealing solution that significantly conserves water usage.

Rainwater Harvesting

Instead letting rainwater trickle down to vegetation and streams, why not collect some of it to use in your household. Scientists from all over the world are investigating ways to create economically viable systems that harvest and treat rainwater for various in-home usages.

self cleaning drain systemsSelf-Cleaning Drain System

There are self-cleaning devices of all types, so why not have self-cleaning drain pipes. Proposed designs incorporate a turbulence chamber that creates strong currents that flush debris away. This could be quite useful for those who regularly flush oils, grease, and small food particles down their drains.
We are always excited to see advancements in our field and we look forward to learning how they will operate. Drain Masters Plumbing is full service plumber focused on moving forward in plumbing technologies and furnishing our clients with the latest options in plumbing. We provide water heater repair, drain cleaning, slab leak repair, leak detection, and water heater installation.


Wildfires threaten us during dry spells, but did you know you have a fire hazard looming right inside your home or business? Water heaters that are older or have extremely heavy usage can be fire hazards waiting to happen. Last month (April 2014), a worn-out water heater caused a significant fire in Las Vegas. Such a fire could have easily been avoided if regular maintenance had been performed. Water heaters are pretty resilient and consistent maintenance can improve their operation of a number of years.
Drainmasters Plumbing recommends the following regular maintenance tips that can improve the safety of your water heater and extend its lifespan.

Have Your Water Heater Drained

Tiny traces of metal are found in water sources. Over time these accumulate in the bottom of a water heater. When a large deposit of metals are in water heaters they have the propensity to increase the overall pressure in the tank. If the pressure raises too high, the water heater can rupture or even explode. Having your water heater drained annually is an easy way to prevent metal accumulation.

Turn the Unit Off

Are you planning a lengthy vacation or staying with friends for an extended weekend? You might want to turn off your water heater. Doing so can preserve your water heater’s longevity and save you some money as well. The common sense behind it is: The less you use it, the longer it will last. So next time you are leaving for a while, put cutting off your water heater on your to do list.
Is your water heater leaking, making loud noises, having inconsistent temperature fluctuations? These may be warning signs that something is wrong. Drainmasters Plumbing provides quick water heater repair among our other services including drain cleaning, slab leak repair, leak detection, and water heater installation.


From time to time, customers inquire about have us install a pressure assisted toilet. Usually the client has dealt with low pressure flushes and is seeking a permanent fix without having tedious work done to improve the overall plumbing system. Although pressure assisted toilets perform exactly as advertised, there are a couple of things you should know about them before you make the final decision to get one.


Due to the pressure used in these systems, they generate a considerable amount of noise every time they are used. The noise level is consistent with the flush that you would hear in a public bathroom at a restaurant or stadium. Sometimes buyers do not grasp the meaning of this. Even those who do, may not fully get the picture. You should realize that most public bathrooms are larger in size and the sound travels throughout that room. However, if you are thinking of installing a pressure assisted toilet in a home, know that the sound will be considerable louder throughout your home.


Because pressure assisted toilet use compressed air to “pressurize” each flush, there are some dangers involved. Reports from the Consumer product Safety Commission show that pressurized systems have ruptured over 300 toilets. In effect, they have literally blown their tops. At least 2.3 million pressure assisted toilets systems have been recalled due to the danger. The report stated that 14 serious injuries have been reported.
Pressure assisted toilets have their place in certain applications but they should be installed by a certified plumber who knows the tolerances of the toilet and plumbing involved.
Drainmasters Plumbing fully supports water conservation and looks for ways to do so in all of our services including drain cleaning, slab leak repair, leak detection, water heater repair, and water heater installation.


Tankless Water Heaters 101

Traditional water heating systems were set on the same dual setup:

1) the storage tank holds a certain amount of water

2) the temperature is heated by a gas or electric heating element.

For several decades, this was the primary water heater installation of choice and water heater repair manuals taught local plumbers to resolve problem areas associated with these systems.
However, as technology advanced so did the water heater. Modern plumbing tech has brought forth the tankless water heater. Currently, it is the newest rave in the industry.

A plumber may refer to tankless water heaters as “on demand” water heaters. The rationale behind the alternative name is due to its function. Tankless water heaters are designed to heat only the water that is needed. This presents a distinct advantage over traditional water heaters that heat water continuously to supply hot water. Thus, tankless water heaters save owners a vast amount of energy.

How Do Tankless Water Heaters Heat Water “On Demand”?

The secret behind the tankless system is an extremely powerful heat exchanger. As water flows through your pipes they run through the tankless water heater heat exchanger. When hot water plumbing is turn on, the heat exchanger instantly reacts to transfer heat to the water. As soon as the hot water plumbing in turned off, so does the heat exchanger. Hence, very little to no hot water is wasted with these advanced systems.
Because of the way tankless water heaters are constructed it is always best to consult a professional plumber before having one installed. Drainmasters Plumbing installs tankless water heaters, provides drain cleaning, slab leak repair, and leak detection.


Why Drainmasters Use the MaxLiner System

Root-damaged, cracked, or punctured plumbing is often difficult to access and getting to these areas usually encompasses an expensive enterprise. Instead of excavating out large sections of piping that is usually several feet underground and sometimes under concrete driveways or sidewalks, we use the MaxLiner System. It is less evasive and in most situations is a better option.

MaxLiner System

The MaxLiner process uses an epoxy material (MaxPox™) that relines original piping. Since the plumbers are reusing the damaged pipe, there is no need to dig expensive trenches. The new epoxy pipe allows 100% flow to be restored to your plumbing system.


MaxPox™ bonds to pipe walls thus preventing water from seeping between the liner and the pipe. It also holds to form even if the original pipe gives away. Furthermore, MaxPox™ is not susceptible to root-damage like traditional piping, making it a valuable replacement product.

Saves Time

Normal excavation and pipe replacement takes several days and potentially longer if other public utilities are near the excavation area. We can install a MaxLiner in a fraction of that time (usually with 4-6 hours). To install the liner we only need 2 to 4 people, opposed to an excavation crew. In addition to the money you’ll save, you’ll valuable time.
We constantly seek ways to mitigate costs while not compromising on service. Drainmasters Plumbing is a local plumber using proven yet cost saving techniques to provide drain cleaning, leak detection, slab leak repair, water heater repair, and water heater installation services. If you have question or concerns about damaged underground plumbing, give us a call.


Hidden Plumbing Problems

Your water bill is sky high and you have no idea where the water is going. You take a look outside and you notice a large area that is soaked in water. It doesn’t take a genius to know that the problem is a major water leak. Yet, before you go on a digging spree, you need to find the exact location of the leak.

Location, Location…Water Location

Unless you have an endless supply of energy and time, it is best not to try to locate a leak haphazardly. Most people hire a local plumber who is trained in leak detection to find the source of trouble. Drainmaster Plumbling uses Goldak electronic leak detection to minimize evasive search procedures. Using this method, we have been able to find leaks in concrete slabs, walls, and underground. After locating the source of the leak, you have a couple of options.

Surgery or Amputation

Whether you will need to dig underground, break up concrete, or cut into a wall depends on the damage assessment and the location. In some cases, it is possible to use a trenchless line repair. For instance, when we perform slab leak repairs, we weigh the costs of going into the concrete vs. using our MaxLiner procedure. Unless there are some extenuating circumstances, we usually opt for the most affordable option. Still, when it is necessary to break into concrete or cut into the wall, it is always best to minimize the damage. If the plumber finds a large section of piping that is damage, he may recommend replacing the section with couplings.
Don’t let a leak repair job get you down. Drainmasters Plumbling can fix these problems easily. We also do drain cleaning, water heater repair, and water heater installation.


Don Q. San Diego

Don Q. San Diego

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Ronald J. Spring Valley

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Spring Valley, CA

Anaya L. San Diego

Anaya L. San Diego

Just received the BEST SERVICE EVER from the friendly members of DRAIN MASTERS PLUMBING. Total damage was at least $200 cheaper from all the other places I called. The service was EXCEPTIONAL from the very helpful and pleasant dispatcher whom I spoke with to the actual service man ( Zeke) who came out to do the repairs. I will definitely be using them again and telling all my friends about this company !! :)

Jessica e. San Diego

Jessica e. San Diego

Drainmasters was very quick in response to my call (arrived within hours). They were very affordable and the plumber explained everything that needed to be done in simple terms. Overall great experience.

Damon R. Chula Vista

Damon R. Chula Vista

Drain Masters Plumbing was the best experience I have had with a plumber. I was helped by Zeke during a very traumatic time. My toilet riser had malfunctioned and when I awoke the next morning, the bathroom was flooded and my living room was flooded. The responded quick and had the problem resolved within an hour. I appreciated the way they took care of me and I recommend them to everyone with similar issues.

Rachel C. San Diego

Rachel C. San Diego

I called several plumbing companys for estimates to replace garbage disposal and cable kitchen line. Zeke showed up and gave me free estimates. I chose Drain Musters Plumbing Company, because he arrived on time and explained to me exactly what needed to be done with best price. So I scheduled another appointment to install new disposal. Again he showed up on time and installed new one and cleaned kitchen line. He is very quick, efficient and does great work. I recommed this company for plumbing needs. He said that they are family owned and BBB accredted. Thanks Zeke!.

Richard D. El Cajon

Richard D. El Cajon

Thank you Drain Master Plumbing! We appreciate the courteous treatment, quick response, great service and affordable fair pricing. The service that your company provided was very professional. Should we ever encounter any plumbing issues in the future, we will be calling Drain Masters! We highly recommend this company for any plumbing needs.

Lisa A. San Diego

Lisa A. San Diego

Drain Masters is the only one I can trust. He is honest, reliable and professional. I finally found the plumber I have been looking for!

Rebecca E. San Diego

Rebecca E. San Diego

Drain Masters was professional, timely and courteous. Zeke arrived at my house within 30 minutes of calling (on a Saturday) and was able to fix a rather intricate problem that a previous drain company had told me could not be done without literally cutting my pipes! Thank goodness I trusted my instincts and called Drain Masters for a second opinion. Within 45 minutes, the problem was fixed and for less than 1/3 the price the other company had quoted. I highly recommend Drain Masters and will use them again if ever I have another issue.

Kevin G. San Diego

Kevin G. San Diego

We just used Drainmasters for a camera inspection of our (soon to be short-sale purchase) sewer line as we were worried about possible root-intrusion. Good news is that everything came up clean. Zeke showed up on time and was a complete professional. I'm pretty comfortable performing basic plumbing jobs myself and Zeke was more than happy to walk the property and show me some possible issues. He comes across as very knowledgable, extremely personable, and HONEST. He is also the owner of this small business so he's willing to go the extra mile. I know I will call him again anytime I have something I'm not comfortable doing. This is a good man that deserves your business if you are looking for a plumber.

Jessie M. Spring Valley

Jessie M. Spring Valley

i highly recommend drain masters very professional and courteous they were here within 30 mins of calling, great prices plus military discount cant beat it defiantly will recommend & choose drain masters for future plumbing needs

Jennifer T. La Mesa

Jennifer T. La Mesa

Zeke is the best! He has been our plumber for the last 3 years. He is fast, honest, & has very competitive pricing! Wouldn't choose any one else!

Mary P. La Mesa, CA

Mary P. La Mesa, CA

What a great experience! Laundry drain was blocked and 25 minutes after my phone call Zeke appeared at the door. A very knowledgeable, pleasant, efficient and honest guy who fixed my drain in less than an hour. I will definitely use them again if I have any other plumbing needs.

Jason M. San Diego, CA

Jason M. San Diego, CA

I have used them repeatedly for so many plumbing issues. I swear no matter the time of day you call zeke, and he is just there. My grandmother owns 3 rentals and 2 of them had eroded pipes, sewer backed up, all in all a complete stress...but zeke and his team of professions do jobs so fast and accurate you'd think I was full of it. He made sure our tenants were able to use there plumbing while the pipes where being replaced, which if you have renters you know you just saved on the hassle and the money of setting them up in a hotel. Zeke is very informative and lets you see the issues at hand. This company is so helpful not with just getting the job done, but helping you, for an example...we had sewer water all underneath one of our rentals do to a busted pipe...he took the initiative and got a hold of a company to depose and clean all of the hazard waste, we didnt have to look in the phone book and call some one up and wait from them to get there, by the time i arrived at the property zeke was there with the people who clean the waste, and got down to work. My grandmother has own these properties for over 50 years, and plumbers before this have been a joke compared to this company, i would NEVER use anyone else then zeke and his team.

Mary W. San Diego, CA

Mary W. San Diego, CA

As my last plumber up and moved to Montana I needed to find a new one to unclog a shower drain.. I looked in the BBB phone book and picked Drain Masters who came in January and did a fine job with that. When I recently heard a leak in the other bathroom, I knew whom to call. Drain Masters did a reroute of the hot water pipe which was leaking in the slab. Job was done quickly and professionally. I am totally satisfied and would highly recommend Zeke and his crew if you have plumbing problems.

Maureen B. Lemon Grove, CA

Maureen B. Lemon Grove, CA

I recently had two major floods in the crawlspace beneath my house only 8 days apart. I contacted Drain Masters because the plumber offered by my insurance company couldn't fit me in for two days even though I didn't have water service. Drain Masters responded within a couple hours and was able to patch the pipe, restore water service and return 36 hours later to make the bigger repair. They were timely, professional and reasonably priced so of course I called them right away when I discovered the 2nd leak. Again, Drain Masters arrived within hours. This time I had them replace all of the old style pipes with copper to avoid a 3rd disaster. They coordinated with my insurance agent, finished the work in one day and gave me a great warranty on their work. I've never had a really bad experience with other plumbers but I definitely had mediocre experiences that left me wondering who I would call the next time something happened. Not this company! Zeke was responsive, knowledgeable, helpful and very friendly. I would not hesitate to refer Drain Masters to anyone I know in need of a plumber and they have gained a customer for life.

Laura B. San Diego, CA

Laura B. San Diego, CA

Zeke and his employees were so great! We were having problems with our shower and toilet clogging up and had another company come out about 5 times in 5 months. All they did was snake the drain and leave. Not Drain Masters. Zeke genuinely wanted to help fix the problem so it never happened again. He was professional and very honest about the situation in regards to pricing. I'm glad my landlord had this company come out to do the job because they were very friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks so much Zeke!

Janet J. Venice, CA

Janet J. Venice, CA

Zeke came out today and hydro jetted my mothers backyard drains. It took them quite sometime to clean out the 40 yr, solid dirt packed, root filled drain lines. But they did it!!! No more backyard floods next winter. Thank you Zeke

Elena L. Spring Valley

Elena L. Spring Valley

We had a problem with our sewer pipe gushing water right before leaving on vacation. When we returned, the plumber who was supposed to be out last Thurs was a no show. I saw the ad for Drain Masters, gave them a call and Zeke was here within a couple of hours and very efficiently and quickly did a major repair and had us up and running. The best part besides his very professional and polite manner was the reasonable price! I definitely recommend this company :)

Nonoy B. Chula Vista, CA

Nonoy B. Chula Vista, CA

I live in Otay Ranch, Chula Vista and had a kitchen sink clog. First off, The boss at Drain Masters was able to schedule a appointment to come out to my house the next day. Great fast service. Highly Recommended. Appointment was from 9am - 11am and George showed up at 8:55am. George is one of their plumber techs. He did a very fine job. Cleaned up after himself even though he didn't make much mess and had a very positive attitude. He was able to fix the clog and took care of everything. Very professional.

Cheyenne W. Spring Valley, CA

Cheyenne W. Spring Valley, CA

Ive been using Zeke for years now. Never have I been disappointed. He is extremely nice and accommodating. I had to reschedule with him a few times and he would even come by late in the evenings for plumbing emergencies. Never has he ripped me off, actually quite the opposite, he will give me certain discounts and is willing to have payment plans. He also gives great advice and at home tips. I use him and highly recommend using his services if you live in the area. :) :) :)

Jade W. San Diego

Jade W. San Diego

Zeke at Drain Masters Plumbing was fantastic. We needed a new toilet, and he installed it professionally while also cracking some jokes...because I mean. come on...toilet humor is funny. :)
When I called my landlord about some problems with our toilet, Zeke was over within 2 hours. We set up an installation date and time, and once again he was early. An installer early?! I don't know about you guys, but usually I'm waiting around all day for them. It was so nice to be done with the install and have the rest of our day. He also cleaned and disposed of everything so we didn't have to. I'd highly recommend these guys for any of your plumbing needs. Expect prompt courteous service with a smile.

Rosemary M. San Diego, CA

Rosemary M. San Diego, CA

Thank you Drain Masters for coming to our rescue!  We wouldn't call on anyone else to help us with our plumbing needs.  Reliable, knowledgeable, trustworthy, fair and honest.  Don't do it yourself, call the experts!

Robert G. Bonita Yelp Review

Robert G. Bonita Yelp Review

Zeke stopped by looked at our toilet bowl. Knew the problem and cleared out the BLOCKED Septic tank with a power snake, reinstalled the bowl, and cleaned the floor clean enough to eat off of. The drain actually never flushed this well in years. I recommend this company not just because of the reasonably great price, but for the quality and craftsmanship showed. I will refer Zeke to any one who needs a great plumber. ~ Robert

Shannon H. La Mesa Yelp Review

Shannon H. La Mesa Yelp Review

WOW!!! Very impressed by the service I received from George from Drain Masters!!! He arrived 15 min early, diagnosed our problem in less than 5 min and had us all fixed up within the hour. There are no after hours/weekend fees, so the cost was EXTREMELY reasonable AND the work has a 30 day warranty! THANK YOU George!!!!

Rita C. Chula Vista Yelp

Rita C. Chula Vista Yelp

Zeke and his crew were awesome. My 93-yr-old mother needed to replace all the cast iron pipes in the house (from 1948)! Needless to say, an overwhelming proposition and only one bathroom in the place. Zeke's crew were courteous and showed us what was needed or going on every step of the way. They even gently took up and replaced her strawberry plants. At the end of the day, pipes replaced, old pipes removed, stuccowall repaired, Zeke took broom and dustpan to make sure the place was clean and ready to use. These guys are my plumbers for life!

Elena L. Spring Valley Yelp Review

Elena L. Spring Valley Yelp Review

We had a problem with our sewer pipe gushing water right before leaving on vacation. When we returned, the plumber who was supposed to be out last Thurs was a no show. I saw the ad for Drain Masters, gave them a call and Zeke was here within a couple of hours and very efficiently and quickly did a major repair and had us up and running. The best part besides his very professional and polite manner was the reasonable price! I definitely recommend this company :)

Robin M. San Diego Yelp Review

Robin M. San Diego Yelp Review

It started with a simple phone call asking a question about a procedure.  I lucked out and got the owner on my first call.  We made a great connection and he truly was a problem solver and not just a "salesman".
Zeke and his team showed up promptly, worked diligently and resolved my issue. Super friendly, honest and knowledgable.    I felt really comfortable in the fact that Zeke wanted to put the needs of his customer first and do what was right for the situation.  He has my business from this point on!

Juliette T. Lemon Grove Yelp Review

Juliette T. Lemon Grove Yelp Review

Drain masters is by far the best plumbing company I've come across...they are fast, reliable & affordable. Zeeke the guy that help me out was nice and straight to the point. Told me what needed to be done & didn't over charge me. Thanks DM and thank you zeeke... From the Townsend