5 Serious Signs of a Hidden Leaking Pipe in Your Home

Do you know how to spot a leaking pipe in your home?

Leaks are a common issue that homeowners face, but many don’t notice the signs until it’s too late. Leaks lead to mold and mildew, which can cause severe damage to your home. To make matters worse, they can even jeopardize your family’s health.

The key is learning the warning signs of a leak and having a professional fix the problem quickly. If you’re not sure how to tell if you have a leaking pipe or not, keep reading to learn about the five most common signs.

1. Extremely High Water Bills

Always pay attention to your water bills. Naturally, your water bills should fluctuate a little bit month-to-month, but if you notice your bills are much higher than they usually are, you could have a leak somewhere in your home.

Don’t wait for a few months of high bills before you call a professional. A visit from a plumber will save you a lot of money on monthly water.

2. Mold or Mildew Around Your Home

Finding some mold or mildew around areas that are often wet, like your shower, is normal. But if you notice mold starting to grow in areas that should remain dry, you likely have a water leak.

3. Stained, Damaged Walls

One of the significant signs of sitting water and leaks in your home is stained and damaged walls, ceilings and floors. These areas will turn an odd color or start to sag when there is any water around.

When you notice any of these things happening, don’t try and fix the problem on your own. These areas can quickly grow mold and mildew and need to be immediately treated by a professional to protect your house’s structural integrity.

4. Bad Smells

Mold and mildew smell bad, so it’s a clear warning sign that you have a leak when your home starts to smell musty.

Call a professional as soon as you notice a terrible smell. Mold can irritate your throat and lungs and make allergies worse, so don’t wait and try to cover up the scent with air fresheners or candles.

5. Read Your Water Meter

Sometimes your home won’t show any signs that you have a leak, but you should still check your water meter periodically to ensure things are working normally.

Check out this helpful article that breaks down exactly how to read your water meter. You can also schedule a routine visit with a plumber to make sure all systems in your home are functional.

Don’t Wait to Fix a Leaking Pipe: Call a Professional Plumber Today

If you notice any of the signs that you might have a leaking pipe, contact a professional plumber today. You might be tempted to locate and fix the leak on your own, but any mistakes could make your plumbing bill even higher.

Contact an expert at Drainmasters Plumbing today. We have a 24-hour emergency line, so we’re available to fix any leak at any time.

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