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Do you need prompt and professional drain cleaning in Carlsbad area? Or do you have a slab leak repair emergency? Drainmasters is the Carlsbad experts for both of those, and everything in between. We’re ready to help 24/7, with no weekend or overtime charges.

If you need a water heater repair, or think it might be time for a new water heater installation, we’re the company to call. Furthermore, Drainmasters has exceptional expertise in difficult leak detection situations and specialist plumbing repairs.

We’re a family owned and operated company. Our uniformed plumbers are trained professionals, committed to quality and courtesy. We work efficiently to provide you with technical excellence at reasonable rates. Drainmasters Plumbing is a licensed full-service company for commercial as well as residential plumbing needs, and maintains comprehensive as well as liability insurance.

We know the Carlsbad community, and make sure that your fine home receives the respect it deserves. We’re also familiar with the special plumbing needs of quaint older hotels, as well as large luxury resorts.

24/7 Carlsbad Drain Cleaning Services

A clogged drain is the most common problem faced by a local plumber. But not everyone is equipped to fully resolve the problem.

Did you know that different types of clogs are best remedied by different drain cleaning methods? In showers, tubs, and bathroom sinks the back-up is usually caused by soap scum and hair. “Grocery store” drain solutions often get the job done, but should be used sparingly to avoid damaging pipes and fittings. Washing machine drains may need additional effort due to the build up of what’s essentially lint.

Backed up kitchen sinks, whether at home or at a restaurant or other commercial kitchen, are a common problem but are often the most difficult to properly clear. In addition to food debris, “FOG” (fats, oils, and grease) gradually build up. Drain cleaners are often ineffective, and even “professional” drain snaking may only punch a hole through the build up so that the problem will return before long.

Drainmasters Plumbing has the expertise, experience, and state of the art equipment to make sure everything’s done right. We start with a thorough exam to locate and identify the type of blockage. We may even use an in-pipe remote camera to actually take a look at things. We’ll explain what we find, and give you an upfront price. When drain snaking won’t do the job, we have high-pressure hydro-jetting equipment to thoroughly clean out pipes, including larger-diameter sewer lines. With our hydro-jet drain cleaning equipment we may even be able clear a problem with tree roots invading the sewer pipe, avoiding an expensive repair and digging up your landscaping.


Carlsbad Water Heater Repair Services

Is your water heater leaking? That could be a valve or fitting, or the tank itself. No hot water? That could be the burner or heating element, a bad auto-ignition circuit, or a failed thermocouple. If you’re not getting as much hot water as you used to, or hear banging or knocking sounds from the tank, that’s likely caused by deposits inside the tank.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you hear bubbling or gurgling from the tank, that’s a plumbing emergency. Give us a call immediately – it’s quite possible that water is boiling inside your water heater. That could lead to a ruptured tank, and in special circumstances even a steam explosion.

We’re experts at diagnosing water heater problems, getting down to the problem quickly and keeping costs down. Our fully equipped trucks mean that we can usually perform same-day repairs. We’re ready to handle electric water heaters, and are even licensed and certified to work on gas lines.

Water Heater Installation

Sometimes it’s better to replace a water heater than just do another water heater repair. Residential units usually last 10-15 years, even with good maintenance. If your heater is older than this, if you’ve had to make several repairs, or if you notice that your hot water is a bit rusty, it’s probably time for a new water heater. A new heater can save on energy bills, and may even qualify for a rebate.

In addition to water heater repair we’re experts at water heater installation, including leading brands such as AO Smith, Bradford-White, GE, Reliance, and Whirlpool. We’re also proficient with tankless water heaters such as those made by Navien. This type heats water as you use use it. There’s no waiting for the tank to heat back up, and no energy wasted as water cools down while it’s sitting in the tank.

Electronic Leak Detection

Sometimes plumbing problems are hard to track down. A water leak inside the wall, above the ceiling, or under the floor can lead to odors, mold, water damage, and even structural damage. You may notice some dampness, or just a jump in your water usage. With experienced plumbers and special leak detection equipment, Drainmasters is your expert local plumber for pinpointing those leaks.

Slab Leak Repair

Here in Carlsbad, most homes and commercial buildings have a concrete “slab on grade” foundation. Pipes running under that slab can develop leaks through aging or shifting ground. Such a slab leak can be double trouble.

First, it can be hard to detect. Often, only a bit of moisture will make its way up to the top of the slab, and the concrete is usually covered with carpet, laminate flooring, or linoleum. Some clues to look for include mildew or moist areas, hot spots, lower water pressure, higher water usage, and cracks in the wall. Second, the problem is way bigger than wasted water. Besides water damage, a neglected leak can erode the soil under the building and lead to major structural damage.

With our professional leak detection detection capabilities we can precisely locate the problem, avoiding one or more false starts of breaking through the concrete. Our slab leak repair services cover several types of repair. For a single leak in otherwise good pipes we can break through the slab and replace only that section of pipe. For older plumbing, it may be best to do a reroute, installing new plumbing that avoids going under the slab. We’re also the Carlsbad specialist in pipe lining. Under many circumstances we can add an epoxy lining inside the existing pipe, with no demolition whatsoever.

Drainmasters is ready to serve you with all your plumbing, drain cleaning and water heater needs in Carlsbad, California.  Contact our experts  (760) 990- 7929