MaxLiner System TM SERVICES

Drain Cleaning & Plumbing Services San DiegoMaxliner is designed for homeowners, who are responsible to fix/repair and or replace their laterals that run to the middle of the street. This process saves the homeowner money by not having to dig up the road.

The process consist of installing material inside of old existing sewer lines with roots coming through joints…the liner seals all the cracks through out the line and comes with a lifetime warranty to never get roots again.

Function and flow is restore by creating a “pipe within a pipe”, called trench less pipe relining. The epoxy relining material mold is creating a strong and smooth inner wall. Since the new epoxy wall is a free standing pipe, it will hold up even if the old pipe braks away.

SAVE MONEY $$ by choosing a trench less pipe, since the relining process can be done by accessing a buildings clean-out access or a small dig out instead out the replacement of whole landscaping or driveways. Root-damages pipes, crack or holes in the pipes can most likely be fixed through trench less pipe lining as well as fill in missing pipe and seal joints underground and under the concrete.

Trenchless pipe replacement is designed to save your landscape and driveways. You pull a new pipe through the old existing pipe using hydraulics to pull the new pipe through the water heaters. We install are ao smith, bradford white, rheem but we do services all makes and models warranties range from 6 years to 12 years!

The relined pipe is seamless and durable, and all materials used in the relining process are non-hazardous.

What is the MaxLiner System TM:

The MaxLiner System TM is portable and enables Just Right to repair lateral pipelines, restoring both service and flow to the pipe in a matter of hours. Using air pressure or water inversion techniques, we can reline the pipes to create “a pipe within a pipe” that will restore function and flow without digging. After more than a decade of engineering, testing and perfecting, the MaxLiner System is now available to provide even small plumbers and contractors throughout America with an affordable, long-lasting, quick, easy, reliable and trench-less system of lateral repair for their customers.

Please contact us for your MaxLiner System Installation in the San Diego County Area at  619-741-4366.