Selecting the Right Water Heater

Hot water adds sanitation and comfort to your home.  Yet, it also adds to your energy billing.  In the wake of water and energy conservation, many Californians are upgrading the hot water heaters to units that are highly efficient and money-saving.  However, there are a variety of styles and types of water heaters available.  Which is the best?  Drain Masters Plumbing, masters in water heaters repair, water heater installation, and general water heater service would like to offer our knowledge on the subject.

Best Water Heaters

Before we go on, it should be understood that the best water heater will always be according to the needs of the user.  However, there are three major categories that can help you make an informed decision concerning which water heater to choose.

Energy Efficiency

Always check the Energy Factor (EF) of the water heater you are considering.  The closer the EF rating is to 1, the more energy efficient it is.  Electric water heaters usually have a better EF rating than gas powered water heaters, but there are tradeoffs in other areas.

Recovery & Flow Rating

This rating allows you to determine the speed in which the unit will heat water.  For instance, if a 50-gallon unit has a recovery rate of 60, it will provide you will about 102 gallons of water during your first hour of use (the extra 42 gallons come from the added 70% of water heating that most tank units provide).

Storage Capacity

Balancing storage need is essential if you want to save money.  Tank units are heated throughout the day whether you use them or not.  So if you had an extremely large tank that you didn’t use regularly, you could waste a lot of money on unnecessary water heating.

There are additional thoughts to consider between brand that can be helpful to your water heating decision.  For instance, there are tax credits on qualified tankless water heaters.  Give us a call if you would like more information about which unit will work best for your home.

Drain Masters Plumbing provides water heater installations in all San Diego County

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