Top 5 Warning Signs You Need Boiler Repair

Are you concerned something is wrong with your boiler? Maybe it sounds funny, smells odd, or shows signs of damage? If so, there are many reasons to take action to make sure it is working properly.

For example, the possible release of unsafe levels of carbon monoxide. The folks at San Diego Gas & Electric suggest reviewing the signs of a carbon monoxide leak to help identify this type of leak.

Here are some others to look out for to see if you need boiler repair work done.

1. Kettling/Odd Noises

Kettling is the term used to describe the noises a boiler makes when minerals have built up inside your boiler. The sounds may be a clunking sound, rumbling, banging, or whistling.

These noises indicate that the flow of water is getting restricted. This causes the water to stay inside the heat exchanger too long and the water gets too hot. The water then expands and can cause a pipe to rupture.

The hot water can also cause parts inside the boiler to break down or melt. The melting can result in toxic smoke and vapor escaping into your house or business.

2. Signs of Leaking

The first signs your boiler may be leaking will likely be the appearance of rust, corrosion, or mineral salts. Unlike other leaks, you may never see water on the surface below.

The layer of rust or corrosion will play a role in determining the extent of the damage. Do not attempt to determine this yourself though, call a professional. It is possible the rust or corrosion is severe enough that tampering with it will cause hot water to begin pouring out of the boiler!

3. Odd Smells

Certain smells can tell you there is a problem with your boiler. If you notice any of them, it is time to turn off your boiler and call a professional to inspect it.

A gas leak can smell like sulfur/rotten eggs. If you smell burning plastic, metal or electrical wiring, it’s likely one or more of the parts of your boiler have gotten too hot or failed.

4. Pilot Light Isn’t Lit

If your pilot light goes out, it can mean there is a problem with your boiler or your gas supply. If you have other gas appliances and they are working, you’ll know the issue is your boiler.

Either way, you need someone to come out to check your boiler. It isn’t safe to relight your pilot light yourself without knowing if you have a gas supply problem.

5. Increase in Monthly Utility Costs

Keeping an eye on your monthly utility costs can alert you to a problem with your boiler. If you notice you’re paying a lot more than you did the previous billing period, compare that same period with the year before. Most utility bills will show this information.

If there is no obvious reason for the increase in use, you may have an issue with your boiler. You’ll need to get the boiler repaired or retrofitted in order to make it more efficient.

Don’t Delay Boiler Repair

The sooner you get your boiler inspected after noticing there may be a problem, the more likely you will need just a boiler repair. A service call may extend the time before you have to replace your boiler.

Contact us today if you are having any of these issues with your boiler. We are here to help you with all your plumbing needs.

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