Reasons Why There’s Water Around The Base of Your Toilet

Damp or significant pools of water at the base of a toilet are alarming to most homeowners.  And with good reason! A wet bathroom floor is rarely a good thing; especially when the water source is your toilet.  Usually, when someone in Menifee calls us about this type of issue, three types of solutions come to mind.  Here are three usual suspects.

Faulty Wax Ring

At the base of most toilets is a wax ring that seals the toilet to the exiting plumbing line.  Over time, this ring deteriorates and allows water to seep out onto the floor every time the toilet is flushed.  Unfortunately, checking and replacing the wax seal requires the removal of the entire toilet.  Unless you are comfortable with lifting, you probably will want an extra hand or a professional to ensure the installation is performed correctly.  An alternative to a wax ring is a waxless system.

Broken Flange

Your toilet and wax ring seal rests upon a flange.  The two main bolts that are used to align your toilet and fasten it down are secured to the flange.  In older homes, the flange is often made out of cast iron and eventually becomes rusted or corroded.  Sometimes they slowly chip away and lead to leaks or even a wobbly toilet.  Replacing the flange is a meticulous job.  It must be set correctly with the toilet and the existing pipe.  Replacement flanges are available in high-grade plastics, stainless steel, and other materials.

Tank Condensation

This rarely happens in Menifee due to the weather, but when cold water enters the toilet tank and the outside of the tank’s surface differs condensation can occur.  This could lead to unwanted moisture on your floor and even premature rusting of toilet tank bolts.  It’s best to call a professional to determine the best way to approach this issue.

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