Common Questions On Water Heater Repairs

Are you in San Diego and having issues with your hot water heater?  Is it not producing enough hot water, leaking, or making noises that it shouldn’t?  Calling a handyman may seem like the cheaper option, but can you be sure that he’s fixing the problem properly?  Is he even certified to do the work?  The better option is to call a licensed professional who can guarantee their work.  Doing so can give you peace of mind and save you money in the process.  Drain Masters Plumbing can help you solve your hot water heating problems today!  We believe in providing courteous, professional service that is affordable and fast.  To get started with your water heater repair now, call us at 619-346-4212.  We offer 2h-hour emergency plumbing service throughout the city of San Diego and San Diego County!

Cost of Water Heater Repair

Honestly, water heating repairs depend on the size, the type of the water heater, and the problem.  Like other plumbing systems, hot water heaters can entail quick repairs or extensive ones.  In either case, we help our customers to lower their expenses by effective troubleshooting.  Since our technicians have decades of experience, we have often been able to identify the cause of a hot water heater’s problem as well as the solution.  We also understand the little nuances that are inherent in individual brands, which ultimately speeds our repair time.

Common Problems With Hot Water Heaters

If you can identify the problem with your hot water heater, it could save time on the repair.  Once we arrive we can help you identify the cause.  However, many water heaters suffer from common problems.  Usually, a problematic water heater will produce no hot water, water that is too hot, water that has a foul odor or is badly discolored, or the unit itself is making noise.  Drain master Plumbing is able to solve all of these issues and much more.  Call us now to get your water heater back to optimal running condition.

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