5 Signs You Need to Call in Water Heater Repair Services

The condition of your home always depends on the care of the utilities. Your water and plumbing create the conveniences we all enjoy – such as hot water. A water heater can create huge messes when not properly cared for.

Plumbing is worth more than $130 billion as an industry today, which means there are several water heater repair professionals available and at your service.

But how do you know when your water heater needs work? Here are five signs to pay attention to.

1. Your Water Is Cold

Getting cold water when you’ve turned the hot water knob is the most common, and jarring signs that you need hot water repair. Water in your pipes can reach temperatures as low as 45 degrees in the wintertime depending on where you live.

When your system is malfunctioning, you’re getting completely unconditioned water that can be unbearable in the shower.

2. The Water Heater Is Making Noises

Look into professional water heater repair services if your water heater is making strange noises. This could be the sign of a loose connection somewhere, or the sound could be due to some sort of imbalance in the gas.

The water heater might also be experiencing a clog that causes a low rumbling sound.

3. It’s an Old Water Heater

You’ll definitely be calling the plumber more frequently when you have an old water heater. These heaters will eventually start breaking down year after year and will create expensive repair bills.

An old water heater is more subject to leaks and other types of damage. This can cause water damage, mold, and mildew in your home, which also adds to the repair cost. Get your system inspected by a water heater repair company to know exactly how much longer you can expect to get great service from it.

4. The Temperatures Are Fluctuating

Fluctuating temperatures also point to problems with your water heater. This is likely an issue with the thermostat giving inaccurate readings. You’ll likely need to get the thermostat changed and upgraded to a newer, more eco-friendly unit.

Quickly seek professional water heater repair so that you can get predictable water temperatures and don’t accidentally scald yourself.

5. Your System Is Starting to Rust

Corrosion is a serious issue for many water heaters. It’s a sign that your system is old and you’re in need of a water heater replacement. This is a health and safety hazard in your household that you should nip in the bud so that it doesn’t get worse.

In some situations, you can get away with just changing the heat exchanger, but in most cases, you’ll need a replacement.

Invest in Quality Water Heater Repair

Water heater repair service is an inevitable task for any homeowner, no matter what kind of home you own. Pay attention to these signs so that you can always get the work you’re looking for.

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