What Is the Best Water Heater of 2021?

Paying bills is no fun, but cutting the size of your bills down can certainly put a smile on your face.

Did you know that a whopping 17% of energy use in the average home is from the water heater alone? And this number tends to increase the older the unit gets.

But what is the best water heater on the market to bring the cost of those bills down?

Read on as we dive into the different types, benefits of each and answer that question for you.

What Makes the Best Water Heater the Best?

If you are not familiar with all the different brands and even types of water heaters available, you might struggle with figuring out how to choose a water heater that is best for you.

Often, we move into a property and don’t think about the water heater until something goes wrong, and even then, we may just go with the first suggestion from the plumber.

But taking a little time to research what is on the market can make a huge difference. After all, the average water heater should last 8 to 12 years, but some may need changing sooner.

Choosing the right unit may give you even longer than a decade which will certainly save your wallet in the long run.

When it comes to choosing a water heater to fit your needs, it comes down to three main factors. The type, whether it’s electric, gas, oil, or solar? Tank or tankless? And reviews.

Which Type Should I Use?

There isn’t a lot of competition here between fuel burning methods and more clean and efficient methods. Electric is better for the environment, more efficient at heating water quickly, and electricity often runs cheaper than gas and oil alternatives.

However, if you live in the right conditions, a solar heater could be a great investment. They are often a little more costly to install, but they utilize solar energy to save you money and store extra heated water for use when you need it.

Tank or Tankless?

In terms of savings and efficiency, tankless models are better. Instead of heating large amounts of water which can be expensive, tankless heaters heat the water as it comes through the unit.

That means that it only heats the water you need to use.

The only issue with tankless units, which you may notice if you look at some water heater reviews is that they may not always get to the same temperatures as a unit with a tank.

Some water heater brands are better with this issue than others but spending time looking at reviews can definitely help here.


Finding the best water heaters of 2021 is much easier to do when you can look to other customers who have used these units.

Following on from the questions outlined previously and understanding what type of water heater is best for you will narrow the field of choices considerably and help you to pick a unit that will save you money and fit in with your home and lifestyle.

Our personal recommendation is the EcoSmart Eco 11. It consistently gets reviewed at five stars, is an energy-efficient tankless unit that is powerful enough to provide water for baths, showers, and the sink, and runs for years.

To keep your water heater in tip-top shape, follow these 5 simple steps for water heater maintenance.

Are You Ready To Switch and Save?

Armed with the information from this post, you should be more than prepared when it comes to knowing what will be the best water heater for your home.

Why not give us a call to find out if your water heater could be replaced to start saving you money today.

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