Avoid Plumbing Woes


Holidays are infamously the busiest times for residential plumbing. The reason is the season. Most people are entertaining several guests and have large amounts of food to accommodate the extra company. Without going into too much detail, this adds a significant amount of pressure on a plumbing system. If it had been showing signs of maintenance needs, imagine what will happen if you add extra users over the holidays. Even if you have a masterful setup, beautiful decorations, and mouth-watering food, everyone will remember the Christmas plumbing debacle of 2014 if you’re not careful. Here’s how to avoid that.

Don’t Flush Food Down the Toilet

You’ll be surprised how often this happens. Kids (and adults) trying not to hurt someone’s feeling about a dish or attempting to get rid of something quick sometimes flush it in the toilet. Whatever the reason, the better bet is to just put it in the garbage to prevent a plumbing clog.

Don’t Overstuff the Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal calls are the #1 reason for residential plumbing calls immediately after Thanksgiving. The biggest problem is overstuffing the unit. Take a little extra time and to grind up food items or simply trash them altogether.

Don’t Pour Grease Down the Drain

A lot of grease can accumulate quickly and cause drains to clog up. Wipe pans, and pot with paper towels before washing them and pour large amounts of grease into receptacles.

If you follow the above device you can successfully avoid some minor issues during Christmas and save time and money. We hope that you have a wonderful holiday.

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