Water Pressure & Your Plumbing

plumbingGenerally speaking, plumbing is built to last. This is especially true of new plumbing pipes and fixtures that utilize technological and manufacturing improvements. Nevertheless, the law of nature (specifically the thermodynamic quantity of entropy—yes we can take plumbing to that level) will ultimately beat anything that mankind manufactures. In time, plumbing will wear out. However, high water pressure makes plumbing wear out a lot faster than normal.
A lot faster!


Most plumbing pipes for residential use are rated for a certain level of water pressure—typically 80 psi. Yet, it is not uncommon for some residential plumbing systems to have pressures that rise as high as 130 psi. Such extreme pressures have an adverse effect on plumbing in three major ways. First, high pressure weakens the walls of pipes—particularly at bends and curves. Second, sections that have joints and threads are subject to wear and corrosion at much faster rates. Lastly, fixtures like faucets and showerheads eventually malfunction when under constant high pressure.
High water pressure can take years off of your plumbing systems life span, which will end up costing you. The problem is compounding if you have to deal with a broken pipe that leads to water damage.

Detecting, Identifying and Preventing Problems

A water pressure gauge is the best way to verify the pressure in your plumbing system. One can be bought at any plumbing supply or hardware store. If you are not really sure how to use one, you can have your local plumber perform a check when you have your annual plumbing maintenance scheduled. However, if you find that when you turn on certain plumbing fixtures there is a hard jolt of water or you hear your pipes making a knocking noise, call a plumber. There may be a large issue to deal with.
If you have issues with a high water pressure after trying a DIY fix, give us a call. Drain Masters Plumbing handles all sorts of residential and commercial plumbing issues including drain cleaning, water heater repair, and water heater installation.