Restaurant Drain Cleaning

Everyone knows that keeping clean drains can preserve the plumbing in your home and business.  However, if you are in the restaurant business, maintaining clean drains is not just for plumbing preservation.  Clear drains prevent health code fines, clogs that result in downtime and safety hazards as well as horrible odors that can hinder your restaurant’s reputation.  Lastly keeping your drains clear helps you to avoid emergency plumbing services that can hurt your bank account.  Hence, successful restaurants understand why it is vital to secure reliable commercial drain cleaning services.

Heavy Drainage Use Requires Heavy Duty Cleaning

Sinks and drains in restaurant environments are heavily used.  During a month, restaurant plumbing is exposed to more food debris than most residential plumbing systems experience in a year!  Additionally, substances including grease, food fats, and sludge tend to congeal and adhere inside drainage pipes. Even in instances where a grease trap is used, clogging will occur if continually cleaning is not performed.  Therefore, it is important to have your drainage system maintained regularly to prevent blockages.

At Drain Masters Plumbing, we use powerful tools and advanced technologies to effectively clear drains.  Our plumbing specialists have video camera inspection equipment which enables us to identify the source of a blockage and verify when it is completely removed.  We also make use of hydro jetting to remove the toughest drain clogs.  Hydro jets are so powerful that they can cut through tree roots that have invaded pipes!  Consequently, whatever is blocking your drains will get cleared.

For years, we’ve aided San Diego County restaurants with commercial grade plumbing.  If you have a need for regularly schedule drain maintenance or need to have your drain cleaned immediately, give us a call at (619) 346-4212.