How Much Does a Plumber Charge per Hour?

Plumbers are essential when it comes to maintaining your home, with 12% of people needing to call one in the past year. They’re responsible for everything from fixing leaking sinks to installing new bathtubs or showers.

Whether you’re in desperate need of a plumber or you just want to be prepared for future situations, you may be asking, “How much does a plumber charge per hour?” as well as what factors affect the pricing.

Keep reading for a quick overview of everything you need to know about plumber fees.

How Much Does a Plumber Charger per Hour?

Different plumbers are going to charge different rates depending on how experienced they are. For example, a brand-new plumber might charge $50 an hour, while a plumber with nearly 10 years of experience may charge $150.

The typical range is between $45 and $200 per hour. The average person will pay about $330 for their plumbing fix.

However, several other aspects affect a plumber’s hourly rate, as well as the total amount that you’ll pay once the job is finished.

What Other Factors Go into the Cost?

While a plumber’s experience is the first factor, there are a few others to keep in mind. Your location, the timing, and the task that needs to be completed are all things that will determine how much you pay.

Some towns and cities are going to be more expensive than others when it comes to plumbing costs, just as they are with other services like contractors, mechanics, or hair salons. A quick online search will help you compare plumber prices in different areas.

Plumbing emergencies are also going to increase the price. If you call a plumber for help when they’re not usually working, such as in the evening or on the weekend, the rate will likely be higher than during peak hours. This is true if you need a plumber on a holiday, too.

Lastly, what you’re hiring the plumber for will have a huge impact on the final cost. Different plumbing jobs all have different price tags depending on how difficult the work is, the materials, required, etc.

For example, fixing a toilet or unclogging a drain may cost $200, while repairing a septic tank could cost $1,000 or much more.

Before deciding whether a plumber’s price is too low or too high, consider all of these factors and how they contribute to the price.

Things to Look for When Hiring a Plumber

Don’t just choose the plumber with the lowest price. If a plumber is offering an estimate that seems too good to be true, it just might be!

Instead, research the plumber first and look for good reviews that show they’re great at what they do. Find out how much experience the plumber has, if they’re licensed and insured, and if they offer emergency assistance.

If the plumber looks professional and skilled, ask for a detailed estimate to find out what the exact price will look like for your specific plumbing task.

Choose the Best Plumber Possible

While the answer to “How much does a plumber┬ácharge per hour?” depends on several factors, getting an estimate is an easy way to find out the exact price.

If you need an experienced plumber in the San Diego County area, reach out to us so we can help.