Don’t Clog Your Drain! What Not to Put Down the Garbage Disposal

Have you ever wondered what not to put down garbage disposal of your sink?

Garbage disposals make it easier for you to get rid of food waste in your kitchen sink. Although they ground up leftovers to clear your pipe, they can’t handle every single type of food waste.

To avoid getting clogged and damaged pipes, here’s your guide on what not to pour down the garbage disposal. Read on to learn more about the foods and liquids that should not be in your pipes.

Oil, Fat, and Grease

The first things on what not to pour down garbage disposal are grease, oils, and fats. They may be liquid as you pour them down the drain, but they can solidify in the pipes. The solidified oils will lead to costly repairs and extensive water damages.

Potato and Citrus Peels

When talking about what not to put down the garbage disposal, peels should be your first concern. Peels are thin enough to slip past your disposal, potentially catching other wastes in your pipe. When you group up potato peels, they can turn into starchy pastes blocking the pipes.

Citrus peels are also another problem for clogging up your pipes. The smells of citrus peels will also spread throughout your pipes and out the sink. Avoid peeling your citrusy foods to prevent them from slipping through to your sink.

Coffee Grounds

Did you hear from someone that coffee grounds can help your sink smell better? While it gives it a nice aroma, coffee grounds may end up as gunky sediments in your drain. When the coffee grounds get wet, they can become thick and sticky, which clogs your disposal.

Pasta and Rice

Pasta and rice will expand when soaked in water, which could be a threat to your pipe. Starchy foods and ingredients can become goo when they sit in the water for too long. A few pasta or rice going down the drain won’t hurt, but a whole batch will clog the whole pipe.

If you accidentally dropped some in, run some cold water into the disposal for 30 seconds. Let it flush through the trap and mainline to unclog the pipe temporarily. You need to get some professional assistance to help you unclog your pipes.

Bones and Shells

Although your garbage disposal can grind and compose food wastes, it can’t handle hard leftovers like bones and shells. Eggshells are part of what not to pour down sink pipes. The shells’ sharp parts may damage the pipeline and cause hidden leaks.

Non-Food Materials

The garbage disposal of your sink is not built for non-food items. If you throw in plastic wrappers, tissues, or paper towels, it may cause drainage system issues. Anything that’s not biodegradable shouldn’t be anywhere near your garbage disposal.

What Not to Put Down Garbage Disposal

Now that you know what not to put down the garbage disposal, be sure to watch what’s on your plate. Keep your garbage disposal safe and your sink in top condition today!

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