Common Commercial Drain Services

Whenever our commercial customers call us about services, they typically need drain cleaning.  The severity of the backed-up drain determines the approach we take.  At Drain Masters Plumbing, we believe in using the appropriate method rather than using a one-way-fix-all approach.  Below are a few of the main techniques we use.  If you have a question or need assistance immediately, give us a call at (619) 346-4212.

Drain Snaking

The easiest and often the fastest technique to clear a drain that is clogged is drain snaking.  The principal tool, the drain snake (professionally known as an auger) is has a design that enables its head to be sized to clear a pipe’s clog.

Our equipment includes augers that are capable of unclogging drains that are over 100ft away.  Still, there are clogs that require more than a traditional drain snake.

Video Inspection

When augers fail, we typically move to a video inspection.  These pipe cameras give us an up-close look of the problem along with an exact location.  A video inspection will help our plumbing technicians to determine the cause of the blockage.  Our video inspections have found:

  • Collapsed pipes (older buildings sometimes have underground pipes that are made of clay and cast iron)
  • Tree roots invading pipes
  • Pinched pipes that have failed due to a pressure point
  • Corroded pipes

Hydro Jetting

This type of drain cleaning is designed to handle the severest of clogs. Hydro jetting makes use of powerful water streams (between 1300 to 1500 PSI) that are able to cut through the hardest of clogs.  Sometimes when we use hydro jetting, there is another problem that needs to be addressed.  If this is the case, we’ll alert you to the most economical way to fix the problem.

Drain Master Plumbing

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