The Future of Plumbing

future of plumbing 1If you ever saw those old cartoons that featured the homes of the future, you got a glimpse of what people have always wanted in their homes. A lot of those dreams have come true due to technology. Yet, plumbing has not changed dramatically. Generally speaking, we plumbers, are a conservative group. There is little talk about advancements in the public sector. However, the industry does contain groups of independent thinkers who generate ideas about future technologies that could make your plumbing more efficient, cheaper, and more convenient. Let’s look at few idea that could come to fruition.

Ideas of the Future

The old saying is that necessity is the mother of invention. In many parts of the water conservation is a hot topic; especially in areas that are threatened with drought. California is definitely within that group, which is why water saving plumbing ideas are on the minds of concerned parties. Here are a few ideas that address water conservation.

Fog Shower

The concept of the fog shower first made its debut in 2007 at the Electrolux Design Lab competition. The design uses tiny sprays that produce enough moisture for comfortable showering. The mist is temperature controlled and is a much greener option since a typical shower only uses 2 liters of water (opposed to a normal shower than uses 20 liters of water). The fog shower could be an appealing solution that significantly conserves water usage.

Rainwater Harvesting

Instead letting rainwater trickle down to vegetation and streams, why not collect some of it to use in your household. Scientists from all over the world are investigating ways to create economically viable systems that harvest and treat rainwater for various in-home usages.

self cleaning drain systemsSelf-Cleaning Drain System

There are self-cleaning devices of all types, so why not have self-cleaning drain pipes. Proposed designs incorporate a turbulence chamber that creates strong currents that flush debris away. This could be quite useful for those who regularly flush oils, grease, and small food particles down their drains.
We are always excited to see advancements in our field and we look forward to learning how they will operate. Drain Masters Plumbing is full service plumber focused on moving forward in plumbing technologies and furnishing our clients with the latest options in plumbing. We provide water heater repair, drain cleaning, slab leak repair, leak detection, and water heater installation.