Can It Be Repaired Or Is It Time For A New Garbage Disposal?

The house parties and other gatherings tend to do a number on the garbage disposals.  All of the extra guests, food, and people using the kitchen sink can put more demand on your unit.  If your disposal has some age on it or is not sounding the same, it may be time for a major repair or new disposal altogether.  La Mesa, Pacific Beach, La Jolla,  El Cajon, Santee, Rancho Bernardo, Encinitas, Carlsbad, or San Marcos and need help with your garbage disposal?  Give Drain Masters Plumbing a call.  In the meantime, here is how yo may be able to tell if your unit is repairable or if it is time to retire it.

What Can Be Fixed

It can be very disheartening to hearing a loud humming noise instead of the usual spinning sounds of your disposal’s blade.  However, this situation could in ways be a good thing.  Although garbage disposals are built to handle an enormous amount of wear and tear, they can get clogged.  When this occurs, the kick-off switch is activated so as to preserve the motor from burn out.  Typically, cleaning out the disposal and resetting restores it to normal function.

What Should Not Be Fixed

We have come across disposals that leak water, either at rest or while running.  These situations are telling signs of significant part wear within the disposal.  In our experience, we find that repairing a unit by replacing parts is not an economically viable solution.  First, the parts can be expensive relative to the cost of a new unit.  Second, typically if internal parts have worn to the point of replacement, the warranty is usually expired.  Consequently, it is easy to understand why most lean towards buying a new garbage disposal.

Sometimes you have time for DIY plumbing projects, sometimes you do not.  If you find that you fall into the latter group, give Drain Masters Plumbing a call.  Our team fixes small things like garbage disposals and large plumbing system problems.  (619) 346-4212

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